Thursday, November 21, 2019

Who and What is Mr. Gay America? Meet Mr. Gay America 2019, Simba R. Hall

Above: Mr. Gay America 2019 Simbar R. Hall. Photo by Tios Photography.

While many are familiar with the Miss Gay America pageant as the world’s first, longest running (since 1972) and most prestigious national female impersonator competition, for some, its counterpart, the Mr. Gay America pageant–and the myriad variations of LGBTQ talent competitions in general–remain a bit of a mystery.

Last year our Mr. Gay America 2018 Judas Elliot gave us a little 101 on what the Mr. Gay America pageant is and what the title meant to him personally. Here, we're back to introduce you to Mr. Gay America 2019, Simba R. Hall and share his take on what it means to wear the Mr. Gay America medal and sash.

First, a little history. The Mr. Gay America pageant, originally Mr. Gay All-American, was founded by Norma Kristie, Inc. in 1983 by the operators of Miss Gay America, Norman Jones and Carmel Santiago (Lady Baronessa, Miss Gay America 1974).

Though the pageant has changed ownership several times, and ceased from 2009 – 2017, it was revived by Michael Dutzer and Rob Mansman (Mad Angel Entertainment) the current owners of the Miss Gay America pageant as the Mr. Gay America pageant.    

Mr. Gay All-American was the first contest of its kind, and the current winner is considered to be the co-titleholder to Miss Gay America. Today many LGBTQ pageants such as Miss Continental (Mr. Continental), Entertainer of the Year (Mr. Entertainer of the Year),  Miss USofA (Mr. USofA), now also have a male co-titleholder.

Mr. Gay America 2017 was Kyle Ean followed by Mr. Gay America 2018 was Judas Elliot (read his MGAZINE interview here). Now, meet your 2019 Mr. Gay America, Simba R. Hall.

Above: Mr. Gay America 2019 Simba R. Hall wins Mr. Gay America 2019.

1. How would you describe the Mr. Gay America pageant in a sentence?   

A pageant that represents the epitome of excellence and shares it talents throughout the communities across the world.

2. What’s your elevator pitch for Mr. Gay America and why it is important in the gay community?    

Mr. Gay America represents the best of gay and gay friendly male entertainment by giving back our talents to the community.   We are intelligent, talented, well-groomed individuals that respect ourselves and the community we represent.  This is important because it allows those not a part of our community see we deserve to have our talents appreciated across all humanitarian lines.

Above: Mr. Gay America 2019 Simba R. Hall. with Miss Gay America 2020 Andora Te'tee. Photo by Deejers Design.

3. Would you call what you do a form of male drag? Drag minus the female impersonation aspect?