Monday, March 25, 2019

LIFE AFTER THE REIGN: A Chat with Miss Gay America 2018 Deva Station

Photo by Laura Dark Photography

Forever Miss Gay America 2018 Deva Station talks about her reign, offers advice to those competing for the crown and has answers RPDR fans who are dismissive of drag pageant systems.

Back in October you stepped down from your year as Miss Gay America 2018. Emotional night, tears, what was going through your mind that night, during your last performance as Miss Gay America?  

As the curtain opened for my final number, several things were playing in my head. First of all, 7 years of competition and preparation were about to be over and this was the last time I would ever wear the crown.  The most incredible moments were seeing all of the contestants who you spent a year getting to know and realizing one of them was about to carry on the legacy, and the moment you turn to see all of the Miss Gay America’s crowned before me, it’s overwhelming!  

Photo by BjKj Illusions

What was the first thing you did after you got home and unpacked?

I slept for about 14 hours.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Photos: Miss Gay New York America on Edge Media Network

Photos from Miss Gay New York America 2019 at The Copacabana in Times Square. Truly Fabu from Baltimore was crowned Miss Gay New York America 2019 and Pataya Hart was crowned First Alternate to Miss Gay New York America 2019. Thank you to Edge Media and fabulous NYC photographer Gustavo Monroy! To see the entire slideshow of 80 photos click here