Wednesday, July 4, 2018

5 Questions with Your New MISS GAY ARIZONA AMERICA 2018 Adriana Galliano

Photo by Leaked Glass

Meet your new Miss Gay Arizona America, Adriana Galliano of Mesa, AZ. This is her first title and crown in the Miss Gay America system. Congratulations, Adriana! We hope to see much more of you and to get to know you better as we anticipate Miss Gay America in St. Louis this October. Good luck!

Now, without further ado, here is our little Q&A with Adriana:

1 How did you get started, when did you first do in female impersonation? 
I went to a local bar, Karamba Night Club, eight years ago and fell in love with the Latin Drag Show. I became friends with some of the girls and they gave me the opportunity to showcase my talents. I fell in love with the art and was being booked monthly. Moral of the story, I know have my own show there every Sunday Night.

Photo by Brian Munoz for The Arizona Republic/

2 What has being in the Miss Gay America system mean to you personally? 
The Miss Gay Arizona America System is a family here in my hometown of Phoenix. Therefore, I’ve gotten the opportunity to bond with many of our local legends and entertainers. Many girls strive to become Miss Gay Arizona America and I am humbled and proud to now be one.

Photo by Brian Munoz for The Arizona Republic/

3 How have you benefited from competing in the Miss Gay America system? 
It was the first system I had ever competed in back in 2012. I learned a lot about preparation, dedication and professionalism. I went on to compete in other systems and was able to get my name recognized nationally after placing 1st alternate. I came back to compete in the America System because that is where I learned many traits and molded me to become a better person and entertainer.

Photo by Deon Brown

4 Is your family supportive? 
My family is like many Latino Families, they know about my drag and lifestyle but it’s something we never talk about. They are very aware of it and they always just make sure that I am ok. That I am taking care of myself and that I am happy.

Photo by Leaked Glass

5 What is your life out of drag? 
I love to spend time with my friends and family. They are what keep me grounded. When not performing I love to take my brothers shopping, to the movies or just hang out with them. They see me as a role model since I am the oldest, so it’s very important for me to have a good communication and relationship with them.  I love costume designing. It’s my passion. So I spend a lot of my time sewing and creating costumes for myself and for other entertainers. Everything that I showcase on stage is created by me.

As Miss Gay Arizona America, I will be working with various organization thru out our state. Each month I will showcase an Organization that I will be raising money for during that month. Our LGBTQ Community is known for giving back as much as we can and I just want to follow this tradition.  

Photo by Scotty Kirby