Friday, February 3, 2017

THE MGAZINE INTERVIEW: Miss Gay America 2017 Suzy Wong on Reigning and Loving It!

Photo: Scotty Kirby

Though the Miss Gay America blog, MGAZINE, made its debut about a month ago, we’d like to make it official with our first interview–appropriately–with the reigning Miss Gay America 2017 Suzy Wong. Look for forthcoming interviews with Miss Gay America 2016–now a Forever Miss Gay America–Asia O’Hara, a selection of this year’s regional and state title holders, our official MGA photographer Kristofer Reynolds and even a former Miss America. Yes, girls, we are serving! Here now, Miss Gay America 2017, Suzy Wong. 

For many, participating in the MGA system is a life changing event, a welcome source of confidence, structure and family. Several queens have even claimed they were “raised” by the MGA and that the MGA saved their lives by giving them the support they needed to get off alcohol or drugs. For you, has the MGA been more of a goal, a challenge vs. a life-altering or life-saving experience? What does being in the Miss Gay America system mean to you personally? What impact has participating in the MGA had on your life? 

Regardless of personal background, to me, the MGA system is just as much life changing, a source of confidence, structure and family.  I am a work-horse and have been supported to seek success in all that I do.  Through my experiences and opportunities, I have been challenged to push hard in my daily life and have an opportunity to share and celebrate my successes.  MGA has provided an emotional growth for me.  I am in wonder of the dedication and love that is rooted with in the system.  Participation in the MGA  system is a choice I made based on nothing but passion. As far as MGA being a goal, honestly, MGA has to be a goal in order to win. But the goal of the physical crown isn’t the reason why I competed.  I found something that I believe in, that resonates within me, and I feel that I can share my gifts to elevate it.